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We are AfterGlow a brand that creates self-care ritual essentials. We do this with the help of botanicals—primarily herbs and oils.
Since the Old Age, nature has been the greatest healer. We cater to anyone and everyone who believes in nature as a healer. All our products are crafted with CERTIFIED ORGANIC ingredients to guarantee there is nothing beyond nature you are engaging with.
AfterGlow products require indulgence. Solutions problems are not found by just buying a product and applying it. We want you to focus on using the product, spend time and enjoy the process. Self-care is a ritual and an important one! All our products come with a detailed guide on how to get the most out of them.
We make products for the mind, body and soul. So be it a scented candle to make your workspace welcoming or a body scrub to use in the shower. We believe that healing is not one-dimensional and conscious habits rooted in ancient traditions work magic.