Our Story

This story is very close to my heart. It started with me being a fan of skincare and always being a big fan of nature as a healer. On looking to buy such products, I was disappointed by the way the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ were misused and the grey areas surrounding this industry.

I’ve been using ancient remedies and techniques successfully for years, which is why our products are no stranger to your grandmother’s recipes. It began with me rummaging through my kitchen, greedily hoarding oils and butters, and endless experiments. We now have a range that is beautiful, healing and 100% pure.

The experminenting never ends and neither does the evolution of our products.

Age old natural ingredients have been scientifically researched and handcrafted into products to make you feel great, mind and body. If you can’t eat it, you definitely should not be putting it on your skin!

Our mission is to connect with more people’s body and soul, and spread the belief that skincare DOES NOT need chemicals.

We cater to anyone and everyone who believes or wants to believe in nature as a healer. It might take some time but the results are guaranteed! We are eco friendly and cruelty free, which are both two causes that are closest to our heart.